3 Tips for Choosing Clothes for Women with Big Bust Size

It is such a challenge for well-endowed women to choose the right outfit. Women with huge breasts do not have the freedom to wear any clothes they want because of their huge breast size. But of course like any other woman, well-endowed women want to look good to be attractive. They want to make their breasts look smaller to avoid the unwanted attention. With the right style of clothes, you can look good and de-emphasize your breast size. Here are some tips in choosing clothes for women with big bust size.

Choose the right neckline. Clothes neckline is one important consideration in choosing clothes for women with big bust size. Choosing the right neckline is important because it frames the face, neck and shoulder which can affect the appearance of your bust line. Necklines have the power to emphasize and de-emphasize breast size. With the right neckline, you can trick the eye by making your massive breasts look smaller. The V-neckline cut is the most appropriate for well-endowed women because the eye is drawn horizontally or downwards and it elongates the neck emphasizing vertical frame. We want to avoid the eye to go horizontally or along the width of your bust line so V-neckline is the best choice for big breasted women. Although V-neckline is the best choice, of course you do not want to wear clothes with V-neckline all your life. Other choices that also look good on women with huge bust size are square neckline and halter style neckline. One shoulder dress is also a good choice.

Find good fitting shirt or blouse. When it comes to choosing clothes for women with big bust, it is true that finding good fitting shirt is not easy. Shirts or blouses are necessities for women because they are multipurpose pieces of clothing that can be used as a formal or informal wear with skirts, trousers, pants and jeans. It is not easy to find a decent looking shirt that fits on well-endowed women but with determination, you will eventually find what you need. There are few stores catering for well-endowed women. You just have to prepare for the reality that these types of clothing are more expensive than those found on standard stores. But still it is more practical to spend more on something that you can actually use than on something that you cannot use because you bought something that will not make you look good. Do not choose too tight or too loose blouses or shirts. Common problem for blouses is that the torso fits but the breasts look like they will burst out anytime or the buttons will pop off at a slight movement. Another problem of blouses or shirts is that the breast area fits beautifully but too loose on the stomach area making you look shapeless. Shirt length is also important if you want to de-emphasize your huge breasts. A longer tail shirt or blouse that accentuates the waistline and sits on the flattering part of your hips gives an illusion of length and drives the attention away from your breast area. Tailored-made shirts and blouses that give room for your big breasts and hug the torso are the best choice when choosing clothes for women with big bust size.

Sleeve length matters. Remember that in choosing clothes for women with big bust your goal is to drive the attention away from your big breasts and choosing the right sleeve length can help you achieve your goal. You do not want a sleeve length that stops horizontally along your bust line exposing the biggest part of your arms and adding more width to your bust line so it is best to show the thinnest part of your arm which is the area below your elbow. The best sleeve length for big breasted women is just below your elbow or the ¾ sleeve length. If you find the sleeve too long, a good alternative is the half sleeve length. This doesn’t mean that you cannot wear short sleeves or sleeveless blouses. If you have well-shaped arms and shoulders, short sleeve that stops above the bust line or sleeveless are good options but they require a lot of thinking and care.

Choosing the right clothes for women with big bust size could be a challenge but it is easier if you know what you are looking for. Of course in choosing clothes for women with big bust, it all comes down to your personality and your personal preferences. What you want to accomplish with your choice of clothes? Are you happy with what you wear? Are you the type of person who want to show more skin, more cleavage or someone who want to be modest and de-emphasize your big breasts to avoid unwanted attention? Only you can answer those questions but what was presented here are just options for you.

For well-endowed women, breast size is always the limiting factor in choosing clothes. Shopping clothes is a tedious task for them. Some well-endowed women even consider breast reduction to get rid of their big breasts and to have the freedom to wear whatever they want. Is breast reduction for you? Find out more, visit Alexia Natural Breast Reduction