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Achieve Freedom from Painful Hemorrhoids

hemorrhoidsreliefBowel movement should be effortless and painless but for people with hemorrhoids this is not the case. Going to the toilet to eliminate can bring them great discomfort and pain and they want to achieve freedom from painful hemorrhoids to improve the quality of their lives. If left untreated, hemorrhoids could interfere with one’s active lifestyle.

What are hemorrhoids?

Hemorrhoids are the swelling or inflammation of veins in and around the anus and the lower rectum impairing the blood supply in the affected area. It can be external which is located under the skin around the anus or internal which is located in the lower rectum. Internal hemorrhoids may protrude or prolapse but it normally shrink back inside the rectum but if it didn’t, treatment is necessary to remove the prolapsed hemorrhoids.  Hemorrhoids usually resolve on their own but treatment is necessary if it becomes severe and chronic. People with chronic hemorrhoids experience painful bowel movements that could result to bleeding. Straining and sitting too long on the toilet bowl due to hard to pass stool or constipation contribute to the occurrence of hemorrhoids. It is common to people on their 40s and 50s. Pregnant women are also more likely to develop hemorrhoids.

So how to achieve freedom from painful hemorrhoids?

Consult your doctor. You need professional help if your hemorrhoids are getting chronic, getting more painful and accompanied by bleeding. Your doctor may recommend medications to help you pass stool easily and prevent painful bowel movement. There are non-surgical procedures to help you achieve freedom from painful hemorrhoids such as rubber band ligation, sclerotherapy and coagulation therapy. Ask your doctor about the best procedure to ease your painful hemorrhoids.  Surgery is the last option if medications and non-surgical procedures failed to cure your hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoidectomy is a surgical procedure for the permanent removal of hemorrhoids.

Prevent constipation. Passing hard stool or chronic constipation can aggravate your condition due to the pressure on the veins so to achieve freedom from painful hemorrhoids, prevent constipation. Your diet plays an important role in the avoidance of constipation. Avoid foods causing constipation such as chocolate, caffeine, red meat, dairy products and bananas. Increasing your fluid and fiber intake can be very helpful to prevent constipation. Hydrate yourself and drink plenty of water every day to soften your stools. Drink eight glasses of water or more daily. Load up on fiber to add bulk to your stool and make it easier to pass. Include foods high in fiber such as whole grains, vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds in your daily diet. Fiber supplements is also an option if you cannot get all the fibers you need from foods. Prunes which contain sorbitol has natural laxative properties and can be very helpful for constipation.  Preventing constipation can save you from straining and painful bowel movements.

Empty your bowel regularly.  It is not healthy to delay your bowel movement because it could cause straining if the stools piled up and gets impacted. Go to the toilet immediately once you feel the urge. Establish a regular bowel movement to train yourself to eliminate on a regular schedule every day.  Emptying your bowel regularly prevents hemorrhoids from getting worse and once you are no longer straining during bowel movements, it will be easier to achieve freedom from painful hemorrhoids.

Warm baths. One way to achieve freedom from painful hemorrhoids is a warm bath or sitz bath. The warm temperature of the water helps improve blood flow in the affected area thus giving relief or freedom from swelling and painful hemorrhoids. A 10-15 minute warm bath or sitz bath several times a day helps soothe irritation, relieve pain and shrink hemorrhoids.

Avoid sitting for long periods of time. It is important to live a physically active life and avoid sedentary lifestyle or sitting for long periods of time to avoid worsening your hemorrhoids. To achieve freedom from painful hemorrhoids, get up on your feet and do simple physical activities like walking, jogging and swimming instead of spending all day sitting watching TV or playing video games. If your work requires too much sitting, take a few minutes break every hour and stand up, walk or do some stretching. Simple exercise improves blood circulation and thus help relieves swollen hemorrhoids. Avoid strenuous exercise like lifting weights as it could aggravate your condition.

If left untreated, hemorrhoids could become chronic and could be a constant annoyance in your everyday life. It is best to find the treatment that will work for you. To know more visit Hemorrhoids No More

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