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Tips to Avoid Having Cold Sores

Cold sores or fever blisters can be very disturbing and its unsightly appearance can be very embarrassing. Fever blisters are caused by HSV1 (Herpes Simplex Type 1) virus which is a contagious virus. The fact that it is a contagious infection makes other people avoid those who have visible symptoms of the infection. Visible symptoms are fluid-filled blisters in and around the mouth including the lips, nose, cheeks, gums and throat.  The infection can cause discomfort and pain especially when the blisters break open.  Eating can be difficult to some people especially when the throat is also infected. It is important to avoid having cold sores to save you from pain and embarrassment.

So how to avoid having cold sores?

Avoid kissing and sharing personal items. People usually get cold sores from people they have close physical contact with such as their family and friends. Herpes simplex virus can spread through kissing or sharing personal things that get in contact with the infected person’s mouth and skin such as eating utensils, towels, lip balm, soap, face washers and toothbrush.  To avoid having cold sores, avoid kissing and sharing personal items.

Be healthy. One way to avoid having cold sores is to avoid getting ill. Diseases like colds and flu can make you susceptible to cold sores.  Unhealthy lifestyle weakens one’s immune system and once your immune system is impaired, infections can make its way into your system. A healthy lifestyle can help boost your immune system and if your immune system is in its best state, it is capable to fighting diseases and infections. A healthy lifestyle includes a balanced diet, complete night sleep and regular exercise or physical activities.

Avoid long exposure to the sun. To some people sunlight triggers cold sore outbreak and to avoid having cold sore, avoid long exposure to sunlight. Sun exposure reduces one’s defenses against infections like cold sores. It is best not to go out when the sun is on its strongest which is usually around midday to early afternoon but if it cannot be avoided to go out, wear a hat and sunscreen with high SPF to avoid having cold sores.

Always wash your hands. We work with our hands and we touch numerous things on a daily basis and our hands can carry viruses that are not visible to us. To be sure, always make it a habit to wash your hands. Wash your hands frequently and avoid touching your face and eyes with your bare hands. Always practice cleanliness to avoid getting the virus and avoid having cold sores.

Avoid a stressful life. Have you noticed that some people usually have cold sore outbreaks when there are important events like weddings or when they are suffering from emotional stress like losing someone they love? This is because stress can trigger cold sores to some people. Stress can wear you down and make you susceptible to illnesses and infections like cold sores. Stay calm and learn to live a less stressful life. If your work gives you stress every day, learn strategies to make your work less stressful or learn to delegate and do not accept deadlines that are impossible to meet. If your home life or relationships are giving you emotional stress, find ways to make your relationship better. To avoid having cold sores, avoid a stressful life.

Dental health. If you have issues with your teeth that could injure your lips or the sensitive skin in your mouth, make sure to have it fixed.  Open wounds or injury on the lips or mouth could invite bacteria or viruses and could trigger cold sores. Regularly visit your dentist for your mouth and dental health.

Cold sores can affect anyone but knowing some preventive measures can save you from the discomfort and embarrassment of cold sores. To stop cold sores naturally visit Cold Sore Freedom Forever

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