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Headache and Migraine Natural Relief

In this age of computers, advance technology and treatment, people are relying more and more on drugs to get relief on pains and diseases. Migraine is a neurological condition and a common headache problem that most people are experiencing. In the United States, millions of people are suffering from this condition and most are dependent on drugs for immediate relief not knowing that there are natural remedies and lifestyle changes that they can do. Headache and migraine natural relief is an option if you do not want the side effects of prolong use of drugs.

Migraine is a condition when you experience intense headache on one or both sides of the head and often radiates to the eye. It could be very disabling because the pounding pain is sometimes accompanied by dizziness and nausea that can interfere with your daily activities. Although drugs and pain relievers are not the only relief for migraine and there are also natural remedies, it is recommended that you consult your doctor to know the severity of your migraine and to know your health condition.

Migraine natural relief is an option for you to avoid the side effects of drugs. Here are some tips for you:

One important thing in migraine natural relief is to know your triggers. Migraine attacks happen to different people at different circumstances and situations. Sufferers have different triggers and you have to know yours to avoid attacks. Writing down or keeping a record of your activities and the food that you eat when you get an attack will help you see and evaluate your triggers.

Getting enough sleep is another migraine natural relief. Lack of sleep could result to headaches and migraines. Avoid things that can interrupt your sleep like caffeine.

Another migraine natural relief is to relax and breathe properly. Turn off the lights, massage you head, breathe properly and try to relax. This will allow your brain and muscles to relax and proper breathing supplies the necessary oxygen you need. Deprivation of oxygen in the brain is one cause of migraine.

Although not all sufferers find relief in aroma therapy, there are those who find it effective. While relaxing, certain scents live lavender and peppermint can help you relief stress and relax. The calming effects of this aroma therapy relieve migraine symptoms.

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