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Genital Warts Awareness- What Men and Women Should Know

Warts are common skin problem caused by HPV or human papillomavirus. They usually appear on the hands, fingers, feet, neck and face but there are cases that warts grow on genital area and they are called genital warts.  There are many types of HPV or human papillomavirus and some types can cause genital warts- the most common sexually transmitted disease affecting millions of people. Genital warts awareness is important to prevent you from having this kind of virus infection and save you from the discomfort and embarrassment.

People whose lifestyle and habits are unhealthy are most likely to be infected by viral infection because they have low immunity to viruses. So it is important to live a healthy lifestyle and avoid unhealthy habits like smoking and drinking alcohol to boost your immune system and have high immunity to viruses like HPV.

Warts on the genital area may appear in clusters on the penis or vagina, scrotum, anus, urethra and even on the woman’s cervix. It is one of the leading causes of cervical cancer. Women should not miss their regular Pap test for early detection of any abnormality on the cervix. It is important to visit your doctor if you suspect you have genial warts. Diagnosis is usually made through visual inspection, series of tests and biopsy.

HPV virus can be transmitted through vaginal, anal and oral sexual contact.  Another genital warts awareness that you should know is that most people who are sexually active may get HPV at some point in their lives without knowing it because the infection usually has no symptoms so it is best to always practice safe sex or as much as possible have a monogamous sexual relationship. But you also have to know that a diagnosis of HPV infection on your partner doesn’t automatically mean infidelity has been committed by your partner; know the facts before making a baseless conclusion or action.

Refrain from sexual activities if you have genital warts or use condom to practice safe sex. You have to know that even with the use of condom; the risks of transferring or getting the virus are still there because HPV can infect areas not protected by condom, it is best to avoid sexual contact while you are undergoing treatment or if you have a partner infected by the virus. This simple genital warts awareness can save you from the inconvenience of genital warts.

Another genital warts awareness that women and men should know is that there are vaccines for HPV causing cervix cancer to protect women from cervical cancer and also vaccines to protect men and woman from getting the HPV types causing genital warts. Ask your doctor about them. In general, genital warts are not life threatening, sometime they can resolve on their own without treatment but if left untreated, genital warts may increase in number and in rare cases may result to other health issues like cancer. Medications, cryotherapy, electrocauterization, surgical excision and laser therapy are the common medical treatments for warts.  No single treatment will work for all sufferers or can completely eliminate HPV infection but it is always best to consult your doctor and find a treatment that will work for you.

Genital warts can be a stubborn problem that has the tendency to keep coming back. If you have tried all treatment options and failed, natural remedies are another option. To learn more, visit Moles, Warts and Tags Removal

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